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Hotelinformation / FAQ's

Bookings / Confirmation

I booked but did not receive a bookingsconfirmation. What can I do?


Please make sure you checked your SPAM folder. When you have not received the bookingsconfirmation please send us an email immediately.

You need your bookingsconfirmation to activate your Doorcode.

How can I book a hotelroom?


Bookings can only be made directly online. For the best price offers we advice you to book directly on our Homepage. With special request bookings (Longterm bookings with a stay of 4 weeks.) We kindly request you to send us an Email.

Do I get a bookingsconfirmation?


Yes, you will receive a bookings confirmation within 10 minutes after your booking was made.
When bookings are made through a Hotelpartner (, Expedia.) You will be provided with both their bookingsconfirmation and ours. Please make sure you check your SPAM folder as well.

When is my booking confirmed?


Your booking is confirmed as soon as you have received the bookingsconfirmation from our Hotel, activated the Doorcode and payed for your room.

Once you click on the link Activate Doorcode you will be redirected to a form where you need to fill in your personal data. In this form all foreign guests are required to attach a document of their ID or Passport and put their signature in below.

Once you have activated your Doorcode, On the day of your arrival you will receive an SMS and E-Mail ca. 14.45 with your Roomnumber and Doorcode.

The exact information how to activate your Doorcode, can be found on your bookingsconfirmation under "Check-In-Information".

Can I also book breakfast and Dinner?


No, we do not offer breakfast or dinner.

Every of our hotelroom has a small kitchen where you are able to cook yourself.
In the area there are restaurants and bakeries.

Does the Hotel also offer a longterm stay?


Yes - You are able to book a room upto 6 months.

If there is any further intrest in this option please send us an email.
(Longterm booking: With a stay of 4 weeks or longer.) All other bookings can be made directly online.

How do I book, when I am traveling with my children?


We only offer doublerooms and do not have any extra beds or cots. You will not be charged an extra amount when your child will be sleeping in your bed. You do not need to inform us about this situation.

Is there a hairdryer in the room?


Yes, every room has a hairdryer.

Why is it important, to receive the bookingsconfirmation from our Hotel and our Hotelpartner?


Our bookingsconfirmation is the only confirmation you are able to activate your Doorcode with.

Questions, Answers and Assistance

When can I enter my room on the Arrival day?


Reserved rooms on the arrival date are available at 16.00. After your booking you will receive a cofirmation E-Mail. Please check in the booked rooms immediately by clicking below on "Door code / Activate PIN", otherwise you will not receive a door code on the arrival day!

If your booking is made on the arrival date after 16.00 you will receive the code within a few minutes after activating the Pincode.

A normal Check-In procedure is not available.

A more detailed Check-In-Information with pictures can be found in your Bookingsconfirmation.

Can I make the Check-In before 16.00?


Yes, if the room has already been cleaned, you can enter the room from 3 pm. (As soon as you have activated and received the door code). The pins are sent out at approx. 2:45 pm, the doors are active from 3 pm.

We guarantee the rooms from 4 pm.

When do I need to Check-Out?


The check-out is at 10.00, the room needs to be empty by this time. When the room is not empty by 10.00 we will
charge the guest another full day. You do not need to contact us when leaving. Please do not forget any personal
belongings in the room and close the door.

How does the Check-In works without a reception? Who will open my roomdoors?


You will receive the Pin-Code on the arrival day at ca. 14.45 per SMS and E-Mail, when you have activated your Doorcode. The hoteldoors are provied with a pinmachine where you will have to put in the doorcode. We advise you to put the Pin-code in your phone incase you have forgotten it.

The Check-In-Information with pictures can be found in your bookingsconfirmation in a PDF Document.

I entered a wrong E-Mail adress or Phonenumber for the Doorcode. What must I do?


You can change your E-mail adress, Phonenumber and any other information anytime by using the registrationform. Please re-press the button "Activate Doorcode/PIN" on your booking confirmation.

I have activated my door code and did not receive a SMS/ E-mail. What do I do now?


- Please check your e-mail address or your mobile phone number to make sure everything is filled out correctly?
- Please check your SPAM box
- Is your arrival date correct?
- When in all emergency these following steps are not working please contact our emergency number.

I am a guest in the Hotel and can not enter my room. What do I do?


- On the departure day the pin code will be activated at 11.00. After that entering will not be possible anymore.
- Is the door locked properly? Please check again to make sure the door is locked well and re-enter the pin code again.
- Did you put in the wrong pin code to many times? The pin code can only be put in wrongly 15 times. After that the door lock is completely blocked and entering is not possible anymore. When this has happened please contact our emergency number.
- We recommend you putting the pin code on your phone in case of forgetting it and in this way, you always have it with you.

I want my room to be cleaned. What can I do?


If you wish for your room to be cleaned please send us an E-Mail.

I have a problem with using the Ceramic Hob.


In every cabinet you will find a guide on how to use the Ceramic Hob.
When not cooking please do not place any objects on the Hob.

Can I send Post / Packages to the Hotel?


No, this is not possible as there are no staff workers to receive these parcels. The "Deutsche Post" offers a service where you can send and pick-up your parcels.

Lost and Found


Please send us an E-mail when you have forgotten any personal belongings in the room.

Where do I leave my rubbish?


The rubbish of guests who are not staying a long period of time will be thrown a way once the room will be cleaned.

When the rubbish has pilled up please place it outside the room infront of the door. The cleaningladies will throw it away.

In Germany the rubbish must be seperated.

Reguarely open the windows in the Hotelroom.


Please open the windows on a regualar base for at least 1 hour. Also do this when cooking and after cooking.


When do I pay for my stay?


The booked rooms you pay directly when booking. Immediately transfer and PayPal are booked immediately. Credit card payments will be charged within 24 hours of receiving the booking. Please make sure that you have correctly entered your credit card details and charged your card. Only after receipt of payment your booking is fixed. After receipt of payment you will receive a confirmation of payment, where you can enter your billing address and request your invoice.

With a longterm stay you will need to pay the first full month upfront.

What are the payment options?


We accept PayPal, Direct payments, Mastercard and Visacard.

Payments made in cash are not possible.

Please be aware that there must be money on your Debetcard for the payment. If there is no money on your card your booking can not be guaranteed.

How do I get my bill?


After receipt of payment you will receive a payment confirmation. There you have the possibility to change your billing address and then you can request your invoice. This will be sent to you by e-mail.

For reservations made through or Expedia, please contact Customer Support at the appropriate booking portal.

I need a different Billingadress. What can I do?


After receipt of payment you will receive a confirmation of payment, where you can request your invoice and enter the appropriate billing address correctly.
(The bookings made on and Expedia where you have payed immediately can not be changed.)

Can I pay the bill at the Hotel?


No, this is not possible as we do not have a reception.

Rates and prices

What is the best price offer?


We guarantee you, that on our Homepage you will find the best price offers.

Why do I see a different price?


The price of the rooms depends on the availability. If there are more rooms available prices will be cheaper and if there are less rooms avaialable prices will be increased.

Are there special offers for Companies?


We offer attractive conditions for Companies. These prices are developed on the amount of stay per year.

Please send us an email when intressted.

How much do I pay for a second person? Do I need to inform you about this?


You do not pay for a second person. Our offer is for a doubleroom and the price is per room.
You do not need to inform us about a second person.

Room facilities

What is included in a Hotelroom?


All rooms designed modern, comfortable and spaceious ca. 24qm. Every room has a Boxspringmatrass, Bathroom with shower and toilet, Flatscreen TV, a small kitchen, Fridge, Desk and free WiFI.

Do the rooms have airconditioning?


No, our rooms do not have Airconditioning.

What is included in the kitchen in the Hotelroom?


The small kitchen has the following things:

- Ceramic hob
- Pots and Pans
- Knifes, Forks and spoons
- Glasses and Cups
- Plates (Flat and deep)
- Watercooker

We do not have a coffeemachine.

Please use the kitchen with proper care. If anything is destroyed you will be charged for the repair.

Are there also barrier free rooms?


The acces to the rooms on the ground floor are Barrier free. Our rooms are unfortunately not recommended for people in a wheelchair.
If you want a room on the ground floor due to circumstances please send us an E-mail.

Are pets welcome?


No, pets are not aloud unfortunately.

Can you smoke in the room? Are there smoking rooms?


Our Hotel is a non-smoking Hotel. Smoking is forbidden in all rooms. When smoking has taken place in the room you will be charged 150,00 € for the cleaning. We do not offer any smoking rooms.

Will my room be cleaned?


Room cleaning does not take place for short stays (up to 7 nights) during your stay.

From a booking period of 8 nights, a free intermediate cleaning takes place once a week.

Would you like additional cleaning, change of towels or linen change? You are welcome to write us an email. We will be happy to book this for an additional charge.

Is there a meetingroom and snackmachine?


No there is no meetingroom or snackmachine. The entry of the hotelrooms can be made directly from outside.

Modify / Change booking

How can I change my booking?


You are able to cancel the room and make a new reservation when you booked it on our website.
When the booking has been made with one of our Hotelpartners you will need to make the cancellation with them.
The link of cancellation can be found on the booking confirmation.

Cancellation conditions


8.1. Short term stays (1-29 days):
up to 5 rooms - free of charge until 3 days (72 hours) before arrival
5-10 rooms - free of charge until 10 days before arrival
from 10 rooms - free of charge until 4 weeks before arrival
For a cancellation from 3 days before arrival we charge 100% of the total price

8.2 Long-term stays (from 30 days):
up to 5 rooms - free of charge until 2 weeks before arrival
from 5 rooms - free of charge until 4 weeks before arrival
For a cancellation from 4 weeks, or 2 weeks before arrival we charge 100% of the total price

In case of no show (No Show) or premature departure of the customer after check-in, a refund of the agreed price for all booked services is excluded.

The total usage price is the confirmed price for the entire period for which the reservation was intended.

If you have booked via an external booking channel, the cancellation can only be made via the corresponding channel according to the conditions displayed there.

Do I get my money back when I made a cancellation?


You are able to cancel upto 3 days before arrival and you will be refunded the full amount. A refund of the Creditcard chargers can take upto 10 workingdays.

Contact the Hotel

Your question has not been answered?


Please send us an E-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I speak to a staffworker personally?


We advice you to send us an email or call us.

Officehours and Guestsupport:
Monday - Friday 8 am - 12am and 1pm - 6pm (except public holidays)

Emergency Number


When in urgent Emergency during your stay, please contact our Emergency Number.

Before contacting our emergency number please be sure that

> You have filled in the registration form
> You are in front of the right room number and hotel
> You have locked the door properly
> The check-in date is correct

Officehours and Guestsupport:
Monday - Friday 8 am - 12am and 1pm - 6pm (except public holidays)
Emergency contact during the stay: Monday - Friday 18:00 - 22:00 / Saturday, Sunday and public holiday 08:00 - 22:00
+49 (0)178 . 1199317

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Double Room for Single Use

  • room size: 24 sqm
  • Box-spring bed
  • Free cancellation or change until 3 days before arrival
  • A booking process for the day of arrival is possible until 11:55 p.m.!
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Double room standard

  • room size: 24 sqm
  • Box-spring bed
  • Free cancellation or change until 3 days before arrival
  • A booking process for the day of arrival is possible until 11:55 p.m.!
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