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Low price hotel in Giengen - without reception

Modern and high-quality appartment rooms starting from 37 € per night

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single room

  • room size: 24 sqm
  • Box-spring bed
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Double room

  • room size: 24 sqm
  • Box-spring bed
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GI Hotel Giengen

Design hotel

The GI Hotel in Giengen opens in 2018 – you can book the rooms only online.
There's no front desk operation or reception.

Cheap nights from 39,- EUR

We offer in our hotel modern single and double rooms for overnight stays in Giengen from 39,-EUR. Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms. Other services can be found here.

Furnished room in Giengen

You can also book a long-stay in our hotel. As longer you stay, the cheaper is your room. If you want to book a long-stay and need a individual offer, please contact us by mail.

+++ Current information on COVID-19 +++

*** Due to a stable 7-day incidence, our hotel is again available for private and tourist trips from May 21, 2021. Therefore a negative Covid test is required. ***

Our hotels are open to business travelers across Germany. Business travelers require written evidence from the employer - this is requested at any time. You can also use the online form (registration form) to select the reason for your trip and confirm it with your signature.